I graduated today, now what?

I would like to congratulate all of the graduates of batch 2016, you deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. Now that you have graduated from the university, I welcome you to the young professionals group of our society. I’m sure most of you are excited in this new chapter of your life( or some? hehe).



This is the time in your life that you will start to work, earn your own money, and build your career.

While this is exciting for  you, this might be scary as well for some because of what ifs.

What if I don’t land a job soon?

What if I wouldn’t like my first job?

What if my first job would not be the job I really wanted?

What if I landed a job that is not related to my course?

and a lot more what ifs.

Let me share you my experience when I graduated back in 2013.

I am an engineering graduate, it was really a hard time in the Uni (considering financial struggles as well) so the time came that I graduated, I was really excited and all of my hopes are up. I now have the opportunity to earn my own money and help my family in terms of finances.

Like you, I was thinking already of the companies that I wanted to be working for, readied my resume and printed a lot. Like you, I wanted to have the option to pick what company would be the best for me and my career. I wanted a good paying job that is aligned with my course and would give me the best career growth potential. Just to sum it up, that time I thought that by analyzing and planning too much for my ideal career, it will turn out well and everything will be smooth. Analyzing and planning really affected my decisions in choosing the companies that I will be applying to because I only wanted the best for me (who doesn’t want to?).


Guess what happened? Reality strikes back at me.

Even if I planned it out, turns out that companies wouldn’t adapt for me (maybe they will if I’m a genius haha). Company after company, all that I hear was “We will call you back”. I applied in all of the companies on my list and all of them had the same response, “We will call you back”. I started to doubt myself that time and start considering jobs that aren’t really related to my course. That time, I just wanted to have a job to sustain myself and give to my family.

I was being hopeless that I started putting my trust on God na ‘Lord kung ano man po yung ibigay ninyong work sakin ay alam ko pagpapalain nyo po ako’.

When I started not to rely on myself and started trusting God that was the time when things started to move in my quest on landing a job.

I had this interview for a casino dealer position and it went really well that I only needed to sign a contract for me to start (It was the only one that called me back). The salary was good it was around 35,000 pesos as a starting pay and has benefits.


that time there is some weight in my heart because I don’t want to be a part of any gambling activity (even if it is legal), I’ve asked God na ‘Lord ito po ba talaga yung job na binibigay nyo para sakin?’

The day came that I needed to sign the contract, just out of nowhere my phone rang and it was a call for an interview. It was a call for a field service engineer post.

To cut the long story short.

I should be a casino dealer by now if I had sign that contract but God moved in my life he is really faithful because I still end up being an engineer and He gave me a job that would really bless my life and my family. After a year I had the opportunity to study in the UK with that company God provided for me.

My first time in London 2014

Then after that  I was able to work in Australia

Enjoying Brisbane

God is really faithful in everything!

Knowing my story, I wanted to share to you some important things that I learned along the way that have helped me in walking my journey.

1.Never rely on what you can do, instead move in faith and trust God.

Now  that you are entitled with a diploma, it symbolizes that you have finish studying what you need in order for you take on the tasks a job will require you. Sometimes we rely on that entitlement, we think that this accomplishment of ours will be the key for us to land on our ideal career, it may be a factor but believe me only God can give you the best and He won’t give you something that you wouldn’t like.

I have known friends that have landed on their ideal careers but ended up being stressed and complaining even if they are really paid well. It might be that they haven’t put God first but that’s not for me to say.

The only question in my mind is that why are there people who have acquired things they want but still end up being unhappy?

So as you start looking for a career, it is ok to analyze and plan for it but above all, just rely on God and let him guide you along the way. Be faithful because He is faithful. He can provide and he will provide for you something that you will like and be happy with.

2.Invest in yourself

Education never stops when you graduate, learning is a never ending process. Don’t think that once you have graduated, you are ready for everything. Once you have a job, save for an education fund. It could be attending seminars, buying books, doing short courses or workshops that you might be interested with.

Like what Benjamin Franklin have said

Investing in knowledge pays the best interest

I am no finance guy (I am an engineer) but because I was interested with the topic of personal finance and investing, I continued to invest in my knowledge, bought books, attended seminar and had some courses. Now I am able to manage my finances well and also able to earn from what I learned as a 2nd source of income.

This blog you are reading right now is a way for me to share what I learn and will be learning along the way, I invested time in writing here because I know that I will learn much as I write and research about personal finance stuffs in this blog.

Now that you are out of the uni , there are no rules now on what subjects you want to learn and take, that is an advantage! Sky should be the limit on learning things. Look for the things that you are interested with and never stop learning. It will pay off soon.

3. Have the grit to succeed

Different generations have different traits and what I admire from the older generations is the ability to endure hard work. Yes! Hard work. Because of technology today, I can somehow say that our generation is an ‘instant’ generation meaning everyone want instant results(no wonder get-rich-quick schemes are still rampant today). While it is true that people nowadays work smarter and not harder, not everyone is brilliant. It takes years of  working smart and working hard for us to master our craft and succeed.

Have that grit to succeed and don’t complain about hard work (it is really included for us to grow). Remember that there is no growth for someone who is in his comfort zone. If you want to succeed and grow? Get out your comfort zone and endure hard work.

Wrap up

I hope that I have shared something that have inspired you today. This article is dedicated to our new graduates but the things I shared here can also be applied by everyone. Please do share this on your facebook and let me know your thoughts in the comment section. If you haven’t subscribe yet on my blog, I invite you to do so :). Just enter you email address below this post so that you would be notified once I have a new post.

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God bless everyone!

To your success,

The Frugal Worker