Why financial knowledge shouldn’t be the priority

According to many finance advocates, financial knowledge is something we need in order to fight poverty(and I agree on that). It is something important so that we could have a grasp on how money works in our day to day lives. Once we become financially literate, we can now apply it in a financial planning process to achieve our goals in life such as dream house, car, education, retirement, or our own business.

I don’t want you to be confused, while this blog promotes financial literacy (still is), I just had some realizations on a spiritual perspective.

There is something far more important in our personal finance that made me say financial knowledge shouldn’t be the priority and that is because..

Financial knowledge doesn’t move us in faith

We have to understand that God is the Lord in every area of our lives including finances. We have to understand that He is our provider, not our employers, not our businesses and not even ourselves. It is He who gives us the ability to produce wealth(Deut 18:8)

Financial literacy tells us the numbers. It shows us a clear picture of projecting one’s finances mathematically. One can easily project how many years of saving and investing are needed in order for him to afford his dream house but because of knowing the numbers, often times it pushes us away from believing what God can do in our lives.

While financial knowledge gives us the edge to achieve our financial goals. Sadly, it seems that it doesn’t move us in faith. It teaches us only to rely on what we can do rather than rely on a great God who is not only able but is also willing to provide for what seems impossible to us.

In every financial decision that you will make, acknowledge God, ask for wisdom and guidance, and partner with Him in reaching your financial goals.

My challenge for you today is to let financial literacy be secondary and prioritize your relationship with your Provider.

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. 

Matthew 6:33 NLT

Isn’t that a great assurance from God? Yes you heard that right ‘everything’ as in everything you need, may it be finances, health, relationships, career, self fulfillment, contentment, security, appreciation, everything you need!

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3 kinds of people you need to have in achieving your goals as a young professional

We all have goals in life but some of them end up becoming dreams. We have relationship goals, health goals, career goals, financial goals and etc. We all have these goals and I’m sure that we don’t want it to end up as dreams in the future.

Achieving our goals could be impossible if its a lone task. It would be easier to achieve our goals when we have the right company. So today I would like to share with you the 3 kinds of people you need to have in achieving your goals better.

Our goals are like a marathon and in a marathon there are a lot of runners, I’ve never seen a marathon with only one athlete, it always happens with a crowd of people. I remember when I ran a 10k marathon, I was with my friends and I’ve really enjoyed the run with them. At first we were all running together and it was fun, not until at the middle of the marathon, our stamina was tested and some of my friends were falling behind, I was still running together with one of them and one of our crew was really ahead of us.

A Mentor/Leader/Inspiration

In achieving our goals better, we need someone to follow. We need to have a leader/mentor for that specific goal. In the marathon, that friend of ours who was ahead of all of us became our inspiration; if he can finish the marathon strong then we can do it as well. Finishing the marathon wasn’t easy, so is achieving our goals but if we have known someone who would have done it already it would be different, because if he can do it we can do it as well.


Find mentors that already been there and done that because they will be a great guide for you in achieving your goals. If you could have a personal relationship with a mentor then that would be the best scenario but if you don’t then you can have him as a mentor through his book. Just remember people have strengths and weaknesses, find mentors that are strong with your specific goal. If your goal is to be really healthy and fit, then find a fitness trainer as a mentor and not a financial person. If your goal is to be a great engineer then find a great and experienced engineer and not a doctor.

A Buddy

In achieving our goals better, we also need to have a buddy. We need to have someone who shares the same interest/passion. In the marathon, I had a buddy and we serve as an encouragement to one another, we finished the marathon and we enjoyed it. It was hard but because there is someone who encouraged me, I felt so alive and wanted to push it till we finish.


Find people who share the same interest/passion with you. Join groups in facebook with a topic you’re interested with. If your goal is to be a successful entrepreneur someday, then find other aspiring entrepreneurs as well. Network with them!

You are the average of the 10 people closes to you. So pick your influences, if you want to be a great entrepreneur then surround yourself with like-minded people.

A Follower

In the marathon, we had friends that fell behind of us, but they still finished the race. After the marathon, they were saying that it was their first time to run a 10k and didn’t expect it to be hard, there are some points in the race they already wanted to quit but because they saw us trying our very best to stay in the race, they stayed as well. In achieving our goals, we need to portray a good attitude towards our goals because there are always people who will look to us.


Once you have a mentor and people who share the same interests/passion, it is inevitable to achieve something, it might not be as big as what your mentor achieved but you have still achieved something and people will start to look at you because they too would want to achieve their goals.

Find people to mentor to, it is a win-win situation because you will be a blessing to them in achieving their goals and also it will make you more focused in achieving yours because you will be accountable to people who follows you.

Wrap up

Just like in the marathon, there are people who will be ahead of you, make them an inspiration to finish the race. There are also people who will be running together with you, encourage one another so you could finish the race strong, And there are people who are behind you, never quit it  in finishing the race because they might quit as well when they see you. Have these people and I’m sure it will be a better journey.

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5 breakups you have to do as a young professional

Breakups are sad and we often don’t want it to happen until it will come to a point that we should just let go because there are things beyond today that will be greater than what it is right now. Breakups will mold us, it will teach us and will make us stronger. That is why today I would like to share with you 5 breakups I did that made me better for my future.

1. Breakup with your parents.

Financially speaking, as young professionals we should breakup with our parents support. You see, we love our parents and they love us too but that doesn’t mean they should support us financially our whole lives. They have to save for their golden years as well!

Now that we are earning and having our own money, breaking up with them will teach us to be more independent, be more responsible and be matured enough to manage our financial lives.

breakup with parents

Yes, we make mistakes, and that is okay! What is not okay is relying on them when our mistakes takes the toll on us. Remember that parents aren’t an emergency fund(while parents should not treat their children as retirement fund too).

Let them support you with love and guidance(not financially). Rather, be a blessing to your parents by serving them. Our parents have served us for so long and now that we have the capacity to earn, it’s now our turn to bless them.

2. Breakup with your unnecessary spending habits.


Eating out too often? Spending much on lattes? Drinking often with your pals? Those night outs and subsequent use of Uber and Grabcar ride home? Well, the key here would be moderation, it doesn’t mean you can afford it means you have to do it all the time. If you find yourself doing them all the time and it gets tight on that wallet then breaking up with these won’t kill you, trust me it’ll make your life easier.

Avoid overspending and get a hold of your money!

3. Breakup with your credit cards.

I was eating with my boss in a fine dining restaurant and we had our company card with us, after eating we ask for the bill and my boss hands out his card to pay, the waiter told us that using the card would charge us an additional 3% on top of the bill.

Wow! Some daylight robbery eh? Our bill was around 2,500 pesos and the additional charge was 75 pesos! If we just paid in cash, then there would be no extra charge.

I guess here’s what I’ve learned from what happened. People won’t care unless it’s personal. We are using a company card and I guess that is why it was so easy for us to just use the card and never mind the additional charge of 75 pesos but personally if that was my bill? I would have paid in cash.

cut credit card

Having a credit card let’s you spend other people’s money that is why it’s so easy to swipe that card.

Banks will tell you that you could pay only the interest if your tight and you could still use your card, unconsciously you’ve been digging up a deep hole to bury yourself with bigger debts if you continue doing it. Some credits cards have a 3% monthly interests if you don’t pay and that means 36% interests a year! Yikes!

Break up with your credit cards and get a prepaid debit card! The Visa debit card or other cards that are connected to your bank account gives you the ability to do virtually anything a credit card will do. They can also be used in store purchases if you are afraid to handle cash in you wallet. Using debit cards only means that you are in charge of your finances and you only use your own money!

*If you don’t have one, then don’t dream of having one! Don’t take the risks, you’ll just frustrate yourself. Debit cards are fine.

4. Breakup with your Y.O.L.O attitude.

As a young professional, I guess we all have that YOLO attitude or Bahala na si Batman kind of thing.

Enjoy life! Forget the risks because you only live once! Travel more! Give in! Bahala na si Batman!

You might have heard of this in your head already and believed it so much because you have seen people who have risked everything and still managed to become successful. Well, truth is not all of the people who risks everything do succeed, for me it will always be a life of  balance. Yes, we only live once and that is why life is so precious. As the quote says

Plan you life as if you would live forever and live you life as if you would die tomorrow.


Our YOLO attitude only focuses on the 2nd phrase, and that is to live our lives as if we would die tomorrow where we forgot the 1st phrase, which is far more important. It wasn’t said in the quote first without a reason. Don’t get attached too much with the YOLO attitude and be a mastermind planner FIRST!

As early as now list your goals in life, what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve them and then plan on how you would achieve them, PLAN first because you only live once!

5. Breakup with your Status Ego.

I’ve learned to become frugal by breaking up with this one. We all have that peer pressure, not only with friends or colleagues but sometimes or often times even also in our own families. People wants to be accepted, we want to feel that we are accepted, and a lot of us still think that stuffs will get us that status. I like what the Indian Actor Rajinikanth said,

Whether you have a Maruti or a BMW, the road remains the same. Whether you travel economy class or business class, your destination doesn’t change. Whether you have a Titan or a Rolex, the time is the same. Whether you have Apple, Samsung or Lava, people who call you remains the same…..


You may have all the luxuries in life but your identity remains the same. You are accepted for who you are, not for what you have(well in some cases, some people are just really after for what you own). Buying things wont give you class, your values will. Breakup with your status ego and start nurturing your character. It will be the foundation of your success in the future, not things.

I hope that you will find joy and happiness with these breakups because I did! Just like what Elsa said ‘Let it go!’. If you find this article helpful to you and want more, do subscribe to my blog by entering your email below this post.

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7 things to master in your 20s for a better financial life part 2

Hello! This is the part two of the 7 things to master in your 20s for a better financial life. If you haven’t read the first part of this article then please do read it here.

As i have said in the first part, A better financial life is possible even if you think it’s not, financial freedom is achievable. You can be better every year, and it only takes a decision to be one.

While still in our 20s, we have the advantage of time, we have more time to become better and have a better financial life…

That is why today I want you to decide to have a better financial life, here is the continuation of the 7 things to master while in your 20s for a better financial life.

5. Disciplining yourself

The distance between your dreams and reality of it to happen is discipline.

All the financial lessons that you will learn along the way won’t matter if you won’t discipline yourself in following them. This is the meat of the course and this will get you from point A to point B. The stronger and disciplined you will be, the better are your chances in finishing strong and successful.

There is no overnight success.”


There are many practical ways to discipline yourself but it is you who have the power to do so. You have to make the decision and raise your standards because this will save you a lot of time. I suggest that you get an accountability partner so that you’ll have someone to check your progress. For example in budgeting your income, having an accountability partner will make sure that you will only spend according to your budget and stay on those limits.

Master to discipline yourself while still in your 20s when it comes to managing your finances right and i’m sure it will be easier for you as you take the journey for a better financial life.

6. Having a generous heart of giving

Giving should be a way of life, it is by greed that we feel in lack. It is by hoarding that we feel we don’t have enough. As i said with my previous articles,

God is our only Provider, not our employers, not our businesses, not our parents, and not even ourselves.

It is through the grace of God that we have what we have right now. If you could only count the blessings God have given you, you will be amazed on how generous our God is. He is the one who gives us the ability to produce wealth and He is the one who owns everything.


With this said, I want you to understand that giving defines who you are, through giving you’ll know that you are secured with your Provider, when you give you don’t feel in lack, you will always have enough.

Truth is:

God will bless you so that in every occasion you can be generous and through your generosity we can give thanks to God.

Master a heart of a giver while in your 20s to develop a mindset of being rich and never in lack, don’t worry God is your provider, he is able and he is intentional in providing for you.

7. Having a grateful heart

Lastly, not every financial goals are destined to be met. We will not all end up millionaires or billionaires but we can be rich in every way. Having a grateful heart is a heart of contentment. Contentment here is not settling for less but being thankful for what we have and what God has blessed us.

grateful heart

This is my principle why I am happy living a frugal life. Yes I want the luxuries in life but if it will make me not grateful for what I have then I’d rather not have it than live a life feeling in lack.

On the other hand, I don’t want to have a mediocre life as well and be grateful for being mediocre.

But does that mean it contradicts being grateful? No, because we are children of God and his plans for you is not to harm you but to give you a hope and a future. He doesn’t want you to be poor, many people say that if you want to be closer to God then you have to be poor. Truth is, He wants you to be rich and you have to acknowledge that you are already rich through Christ. Often times, the things that we want are not according to His will that is why we don’t achieve it. Just continue to dream and strive to achieve those financial goals that you have and in every step of the way, be grateful for what you have because only God holds the future, your future.

Wrap up

A summary of  the 7 things to master while in your 20s for a better financial life:

  • Live below your means but within your needs. Never live on other people’s standards because you’ll only get frustrated. You are unique in every way,
  • Avoid any kinds of debt. Especially those that are sneaky which  have payment plans that works on interest. Debt is always a liability but a liability is not always a debt.
  • Prioritize your needs over your wants. Needs can be satisfied while wants are insatiable.
  • Plan your financial goals in life. Identify the long-term goals and achieve it with short-term goals.
  • Discipline will make your dreams into a reality. Don’t believe in overnight success and decide to make your dreams into a reality by disciplining yourself.
  • Have a generous heart because you have a generous God that is able and willing to bless you.
  • Be grateful every step of the way and continue to dream and strive for your financial goals.

Again, I hope that you have learned something from this post and apply the things i’ve written here. A better financial life is possible and financial freedom is achievable. Master these 7 things and i’m sure you’ll be right on track to financial freedom.

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7 things to master in your 20s for a better financial life part 1

Our mind is powerful. It greatly affects the way we live and the way we behave. We often say that financial freedom is hard to achieve. Yes, it may be hard but it is possible, it is achievable.

Napoleon Hill, author of one of the best-selling books of all time “Think and Grow Rich” states that

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”


With that said, i want you to know and say to yourself that a better financial life is not that hard to achieve. You can be better every year, and it only takes a decision to be better. While still in our 20s, we have the advantage of time, we have more time to become better and have a better financial life…

That is why today I want you to decide to have a better financial life,

here are 7 things to master while in your 20s for a better financial life.

1. Living below your means but within your needs

For you to save more, you need to spend less, it’s only a simple math equation. It is also a logical thing to do if you want to have more money in your bank account year after year.


When it comes to our personal finances our mind plays a bigger role, though we know that it is the logical thing to do our emotions affect the way we act.

It is really easy to spend if you have the money, give me 10 million today and i’ll show you how i can spend it in a couple of hours. What’s really hard to do is stopping yourself from spending even if you know that you have the money.

“Kaya naman ng sweldo ko kukuha na ako ng iphone plan”, “Kaya naman ng sweldo ko mag aapply na ako ng car loan”, “Lumaki na ung kinikita ko sa business lilipat na ako sa magandang condo” and etc..

Familiar din ba sayo itong mga to?

Often times pag kaya na ng income natin we tend to upgrade hastily, kahit okay pa naman ung prepaid phone, kahit okay pa naman mag commute, kahit ok pa naman ung apartment namin and etc..

living beyond your means

One more thing that affects us on how we act on our finances is peer pressure. Put in mind that you will never be in the same situation with any of your friends with regards to finances, we are all unique in our ways, that is why it is important that you know yourself well and you have your own standards of living your life not based on other’s standards. You don’t need to live in other people’s lives, you don’t need to buy things just because all of your friends have it. Just be honest with yourself what you can afford and what you can’t.

Genuine people accepts genuine people, while fake people only fool themselves to be accepted by fake people as well.

Master living below your means and within your needs, and i’m sure you’ll have a brighter financial future.

2. Avoiding debts.

In the past, me and my family really had a bad experience being into debts, it takes off our confidence, it gives us stress, it makes our life harder and it gives us sleepless nights. That is why i told myself that i won’t get into debts even to the extremes.confusedBut here’s a perspective of debt i want to share..

Debt is a hard to swallow word that’s why some call it Liability. It is easy to accept that you have liabilities rather than accepting that you have debts.

Let me give you an example.

You want a new phone, an iphone. We all know that an iphone is expensive, that is why stores offer payment plans like 6 months to pay, 1 year to pay or 2 years to pay. You happen to avail the 2 years payment plan because the monthly payment is really low. Some say that it’s only a monthly liability but did you know that it’s actually a debt as well? why? because you haven’t paid it in full yet and the amount you will pay has interests in it. The store only lends you the iphone and if you don’t pay the monthly bills it can be forfeited. You will pay more money in the long run.

Identify the things that are actually debts and avoid it, i’m sure there are other ways to get what you want without putting yourself into debts. Remember that financial freedom is a debt-free life. If you do have debts right now, make every effort to pay them off as soon as possible.

3. Prioritizing needs vs the wants

This goes to budgeting your income sources. Again your emotions is your enemy, needs are needs and you can’t live without it. While wants are wants, it is the things beyond your basic needs which are not really necessary for your living but gives you short term comforts. You can read my article a fine line between your needs and wants to have a better grasp of this.

What i want you to do is to put every need on top of your budget and rank them in terms of priority before you spend on your wants. An example of this is :

Top priority need : A savings account, food,  shelter, utilities.

Lesser need : clothing, transportation, mobile load, coffee etc.

Wants : new gadgets, new clothing, new shoes, new bags, travel, better apartment, and etc.

Master prioritizing your needs vs your wants and i’m sure that you’ll get a better financial life in the years to come.

4. Planning your finances


Planning is very critical in every aspect of your life, especially in your finances. Remember the saying

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. 

This applies to you, you have to be focused and goal oriented in planning your finances.

Have a list of your long-term financial goals. Like preparing for your wedding, for your own house, for your children’s education, for a start-up business, for a car, for a travelling fund, for your retirement and etc.

Having this list tells you how much you need to have in order to achieve them. Then start listing short-term goals that gets you nearer with your long-term goals. Let say you are preparing for your wedding in two years, have a short term goal of saving let say 50,000 pesos in the first year. Once you achieve that set another short-term goal of saving 50,000 pesos in the succeeding year, by doing this it gives you a kind of short term fulfillment that makes you want to keep on pushing to achieve your long term goals.

Last thing is, don’t be intimidated with your long term goals and settle for less.

‘Ang laki naman ng iipunin ko, ang tagal naman, ang hirap naman magipon, hindi ko yata kaya to, okay na siguro ung simple na lang.’

Consider these long term goals as faith goals.

Be faithful with these goals and ask God for His guidance, partner with God in achieving these goals because many are the plans of man but the plans of the Lord will stand.

Truth is,

“Whatever your plan in life is, if it is according to God’s will, it will happen and if your plans didn’t happen, be secure because God won’t give you something you won’t be happy and content with.”

Wrap Up

I have made this post into two parts so that you’ll have the time to re read it medyo mahaba na kasi eh hehe. I hope that you have learned something from this post and apply the things i’ve written here. A better financial life is possible and financial freedom is achievable. Master these things and i’m sure you’ll be right on track to financial freedom.

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Update: read the second part here

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Why having a big income isn’t okay

I was on my way home and nakasalubong ko yung friend ko sa mall. We haven’t seen each other for a long time now and we were excited to catch up. He said he is currently working abroad and just here for a vacation. It was really nice to see him again, and i was joking him na “siguro dami mo nang ipon ano”. He just smiled at first and asked me with the same question back but moments later,

he started telling me he’s having a hard time managing his money.
Since he is working abroad with a good paying job at single pa naman siya, he said managing his money was really hard, hindi daw sya nakakaipon dahil ibang iba daw ang lifestyle abroad. Madaming shopping mall, madaming pwedeng pagkagastusan, madaming kainan, at nasanay na sya. So I asked him, pano ka nakakaipon nyan?

“Minsan nakakapagtabi naman ako, pero madalas konti lang ung naiitabi ko” he replied

That moment i realized na wala talaga siyang ipon…

Naisip ko lang…

Having a big income isn’t okay..


It is not okay “IF” we’re not equipped with the right mindset to handle it.

We might be young but we are not getting younger, nothing is permanent especially our jobs, our health may soon deteriorate and when emergency strikes we have to be prepared.

Earning money may be hard but handling it is harder especially when we are not prepared for it.

I think he is still blessed because he is earning good amounts of money and that is an advantage because he just needs proper financial guidance/education in order for him to save for his future.


Money is a tool for us to be comfortable in our lives and be a blessing to others, having the right foundations help us achieve it.

Without it, having a big income isn’t okay because you are more vulnerable to mismanagement.

A big income without savings and a lot of liabilities gives a lot of financial stress that will consume you while a small income with savings and is debt-free gives financial peace that you deserve. 

Bottomline is, there’s really nothing wrong with how much a person earns, either big or small. What matters is how he handles it. In handling money, our purpose is to give ourselves the peace of mind we deserve and to be a blessing to others.


“Your most valuable asset is YOU, invest in knowledge”

Money can be earned and income might come and go but the knowledge and wisdom in handling it will make it stay. No matter how big it is as long as you are prepared for it, it will stay.

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The Expensive Mistake Young Professionals do when it comes to Saving Money

I’ve been working for two years and i must say na madami akong nagiging mistakes in handling my money, especially when it comes to saving it. While assessing myself i have tracked those mistakes i’ve done before and came up with only one common reason. and it’s…

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