Marathon and Trend following trades

Running a marathon is tough, it requires a lot of training and endurance to finish one. While it is physically challenging, it also needs mental toughness as well because if someone  really wants to finish a race, he should be willing to keep going even if his body won’t move anymore.

I have only experienced marathons twice in my life, it was when I was in highschool and when I was in college. Though they’re not the 42km full marathons, I am pretty happy with my personal achievement.

For me, it doesn’t really matter how fast I can finish the race but how strong I could finish it. It doesn’t matter if people were ahead of me because as long as I cover the kilometers needed to finish the race, I am a winner.

My trend following approach are somehow related to this.

When a stock is on an uptrend there is always a crowd of people who wants to profit from the marathon (trend).

In that crowd of people there are insiders, big fundies, foreign funds, retail investors, tsupiteros, and everyone else who want to cover some kilometers.

Just like in a marathon not all of us starts at the same point. Some of us starts ahead of the crowd, at the middle of the crowd, and even at the back of the crowd.

Everyone wants to profit from the marathon and we have different ways on how we want to finish it.

As for me I just want to finish my own race strong(even if often times I don’t).

Let me share it in a chart where I think I finished strong

  1. Some runners start their race here.
  2. and ends it here. I wasn’t able to join their race because I didn’t think there was a race for me yet.
  3. Within the time from point 2 to point 3, I started to notice that Mylo is attracting participants in his marathon and so I joined it because it has been funded by some rich MANDARIN speaking chinese.
  4. I finished my race and covered 3km only at this area because I am still trying to learn how to run a full marathon. Even though it was a short race, I was happy.
  5. Within the time from point 4 to point 5, the MANDARIN speaking chinese was attracting more runners again to join his race. Since I still have energy that time, I joined his race again.
  6. This time I finished a 10km run.

Here are the records from my ledger.

Things I’ve learned from those trades

1.) The race is long, I have to run with a crowd.

2.) Never mind those that have a head start, I have my own race to set and I have to finish it strong, whether it is a 3km, 10km or a 42km run as long as there is a marathon!(trend)

3.) I can’t run them all, I should only run a marathon that is worth my time.

4.) Never use all of my energy in one marathon, there’s another marathon going on with MCP that time and I could have covered 72km if I ran it.

5.) After successfully running a marathon, remember to rest(literally rest/purge).

Next time I hope I could participate on a 72km run or even a 128km!

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