Ging Freecs and Trading

I’ve been watching my favorite anime again the past few weeks and the last episode of Hunter x Hunter struck me again on thoughts about life and trading.

Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched it but..

For those who have watched the Anime, since from the start, Gon’s(protagonist) ultimate goal was to find Ging, his father. He went on different adventures, meeting friends/enemies along the way and have finally met Ging after the chimera arc.

What bugs me is that the anime didn’t really emphasized Gon and Ging’s meeting, which is the plot of the story since the beginning. Gon was happy when he met Ging again but it didn’t show that it was his priority, instead he cried about what happened to Kite and how sorry he is.

Anyway forward to the last episode, Gon and Ging were at the top of the world tree and Ging is telling about his adventures to Gon. What struck me the most is when Ging gave his advice to Gon.

Here’s the quotation.

You should enjoy the little detours. To the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things more important than what you want.

– Ging Freecss
(Hunter X Hunter)
Episode 148, time 16:50

In relation to trading, the goal is to profit from the markets. I’m talking about money. We are all here for the money, and that is a fact.

While money would be a general goal,  I believe that there is a deeper ‘why’ that reasons out why we are trading/investing. It maybe for your dream house, car, travel fund, support for church workers, charity and etc.

Whatever  it is, the goal in trading is the money that we can milk out from the markets.

Profitable trading can give us that as an end result which is great and somehow Ging’s quote have resonated to me to that i should enjoy the process to the fullest.

because to be honest, it isn’t fully enjoyable

Profitable trading is not easy especially when we are starting from nothing.


Those sleepless nights when I am researching and learning how to trade figuring out what will work for me, those weekends that I’m sacrificing just to learn technical analysis but get different approaches until I get what works for me, those trading plans that I’m constructing even if I might not trade them, those hesitations in cutting losing trades that sabotages my winning trades but strengthens my psychology, and to everything that I don’t understand until I get an ‘aha’ moment by experimenting.

I guess those are the little detours I have to enjoy to the fullest from now on because there is no other road for me to be profitable in my trading, only hardwork, persistence, discipline, and finally, Joy with what I’m doing matter.i

And through those detours I believe I will get small steps closer to the end goal.

This is my port snap last February 17, 2017.

It was nasty and I concluded that trading is no joke, I have to take it seriously if I want Ms. Market to seriously reward me and the only way to get that is through hard work.

This port snap was a turning point for me because I cut all those positions.

To give a background story for this portfolio.Every month I would deposit 10,000 to this account and the extra pays that I get from work. I have been depositing to this account since 2015 and cutting that 30% whole portfolio loss was an agony.

But that agony sparked my flame..

I stopped depositing money into my account and start nurturing my education to learn how to really trade.

Fast forward…

Port snap June 19, 2017

I still have a long way to tread but I guess those detours that I have to enjoy to the fullest are slowly paying off.

Constantly reminding myself to trust the process. May the Lord bless us!

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