An ‘aha’ moment in trading

Remember when you were in college? When your professor in Math have been discussing out of this world lessons and you’re trying to grasp what he’s trying to teach? When he starts giving example problems and solves it in front of the class while you are still wondering why and how can he solve it in a breeze?

It was hard as I remember my Math classes before, until I put in time and effort to understand them and solved my problem sets at home. There was an ‘aha’ moment for me that time that, Math isn’t really that hard (if you put in the hard work)

I think that it is the same thing  with everything. When we put work into something , depending on how much we put ourselves into it, it will produce results and as we put more time in what we are doing, we get those ‘aha’ moments, we understand more of it and become great at it.

It is the same thing in trading, One of the ‘aha’moments I had in trading is that there is no shortcut on getting rich. If we want good results then we can put in good amount of work but if we want great results, we should put in great efforts as well! Simple as that.

I was inspired by one of my trading friends, The Idiosyncratic Trader. We were having a chat before and I found out that we almost had the same journey in our trading, and that is we got burned big time when we were starting and now we are on to the road of getting back at it. The only difference is that I’ve started 2 years ago and he has just been trading for 6 months.

It’s really impressive that he had gained much trading knowledge in that short amount of time and enjoying his results. I wonder how much he reads and put in effort into his trading career. Props to him.

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Anyway I’ve written this for those new traders that might read this, that they would be reminded that there is no quick way in getting rich in trading, ditch those ‘gurus’ and stock recommendations and start grinding. Why? Because that is the reason why I got burned in the first place, I should have not been lazy and started grinding charts and refining my system.

Don’t know where to start? Ask Google.

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