A new start

I am an average employee who got exposed in stocks in the early of 2015 and just like everyone who just started  trading, I wasn’t really sure of what I was doing. My goal is to invest in blue chip stocks for long-term doing peso cost averaging but somehow I wanted more. I have joined different facebook groups, got hyped and have been stuck because it was my fault of basing my buying transactions from the recos of the so-called “gurus”.

That is when I learned about ZeeFreaks blog. I have enjoyed a lot from reading his blog.

I have only “enjoyed” it that time and didn’t realized that his blog was really a gold mine of knowledge, market experience, and actual results of his process.

I have journeyed my 2015 and 2016 trading by learning from different traders and applying their approach to my analyses, while some of them worked, most of them didn’t, only for me to realize that my trader’s profile is different from theirs. From system to system, I hopped, never being focused on one system was my biggest mistake and add the trading psych that I lack , I am not getting anywhere. I guess i’ll just charge it to experience


This time it’s different. My goal is to level up my trading, focus on my strengths and grind my way to reach my dreams in becoming a full-time trader in the future.

Thanks Kap for this

photo credits from SiriusLee

Following the ZFTs has made a lot of impact on me, they are a constant reminder that dedication, passion, discipline and hard work are keys to success and I thank them for sharing their journeys through their blogs.

There is no such thing as a Holy Grail trading system. The process itself in finding and developing is the holy grail “- Kidlat

I will be documenting my market journey on this blog from now on as I continue to learn and be taught by Ms. Market.

And just like what they always say

“May the odds be ever on our favor”

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